Who we are

Welcome to California Thai Cafe, located in Mira Mesa, San Diego.

At California Thai Cafe, you will find our foods differentiated from others. We have brought our secret recipes, originally from the North Eastern part of Thailand, and recreated into our modern Thai style dishes. We only use the freshest local ingredients and spices imported from Thailand to offer authentic Thai taste.

Our noodles dishes are very famous. Not only do we use fresh raw noodles instead of dry ones, but we also make all sauces from scratch using locally grown produce and some from our own backyard. What we choose to use makes a substantial difference in dishes such as Rahd Nah and Pad Thai.

We prepare every dish to satisfy you and your guests. Here at California Thai Cafe, you can choose the dish to be spicy, or not, with a level of spiciness ranging from 1-10.


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