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    A team of talented entrepreneurs established AVi to provide information systems and business consultation services to organizations that need to focus their primary efforts on running their business rather than selling their services. The company provides confidential client services and continue to market each client as an extension of AV International. Corporate consultants have previous top level management experience in private sector, government and academia.


    When it comes to today’s corporate challenges, many problems trace back to uncertainty and silos. We deliver clarity and help to remove obvious and non-obvious organizational redundancies. AV International, an independent risk management and strategic consulting firm, aims to become a global leader in establishing strategic ventures by addressing the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises.


    Globalization and emerging technologies coupled with increased transparency introduce more and more uncertainty. Resulting environments are often unpredictable; market leadership and competitive advantage are dubious ambitions. The ability to respond rapidly to market opportunity is a critical success factor for enterprises operating in contemporary markets.


Urban Risk Assessment (URA) encompasses a blend of methods that can be leveraged by key decision makers to assess regional and local risks while developing overall strategic policy recommendations. The evaluation incorporates and visualizes retrospective, real-time, and predictive models. Such assessments can aid in the evolution of smart cities and self-aware communities.


Persistent Surveillance (PS) is a domain that focuses on the the prediction of an adversary’s behavior. The program helps to formulate and execute activities that can help detect, deter, and defend against unwanted activities. Our trainers offer technical and tactical expertise to enhance overall preparedness. This process requires a comprehensive and continuous planning and training effort.


Crisis Management (CM) is a situation-based management approach aimed at minimizing loss to individuals and organizations. Its three critical missions are to survey the threat landscape, deflect collateral damage, and secure the client’s present and future interests. A swift and strategic crisis management response can de-escalate the situation drastically and limit its escalation towards complete catastrophe.

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AVi designs and implements best-in-class proactive business programs. Our global team and partners help you differentiate the brand, generate market demand, and create an optimal growth opportunity by building a consistent pipeline of solid relationships with your top prospects.


AV International leverages an internal team and external partners to promote our client organizations though a series of digital marketing tools. These range from online services to media content development, including web and mobile applications, commercials, and motion picture production.

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AVi empowers organizations to turn their business dreams into reality. We do this using state of the art technology, customized approaches for creative problem solving, and personalized strategic events. Collaboratively, we create a larger impact for our clients with a completely hands-on approach.

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